Measure Features

EzMeasure® Software allows you to view images from a camera or a saved folder. These can be viewed, measured, replayed and analysed.

ezMeasure - measures distances between different points,

Camera Acquisition: Capture still photos or show live pictures. Record a video stream and play it back.

Fill Mode Tool: determines the image size: Fit-to-Fill the entire viewing area, Zoomed in, or Preserve in the Original aspect ratio.

Image Interrogation:

Calibration: sets the image pixels to real units eg mm or inches.
With the ability to tweak as required

Measure Distance Tool: measures distances between different points, or edges.

Geometry Tool: places geometrical shapes within the image. The user can choose; line, point, or create hand draw images or points.

Text Button: allows user to annotate directly onto the screen. The user has the ability to adjust the size and appearance of the text.

Geometry Distance Tool: allows you to click on various geometric shapes and measure the distance between them.

Magnify Region: of Interest Button gives you control to zoom in, or magnify a particular area on your image.

ezMeasure - screen shot tweaking overlays ezMeasure - screen shot and annotate software

Create Overlays: Save any defined geometries as an overlay's that can be loaded at will.
These overlays can be edited external to the software as they are readable xml type files..
The location and scale can be adjusted using the calibration tweak tool (load overlay after bringing up the tweak)
Precanned Grid/Axis Overlays are also defined.

Compare: either in real time on live video or using template matching

Process a stack of images: determine the mean mininum or maximum contrast image.

and more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Help File: download and view the help file

Other Supported Cameras:

all cameras supported by automation manager are supported by ezMeasure